Do something good for the planet

Or pay for others to take care of it...

During your 12-person stay, if you don't sort your waste properly, you risk exceeding a waste capacity equivalent to :

  • one 140-liter gray container of residual waste
  • one 40-liter green container of organic waste

However, the price of an Eaglenest reservation only includes the removal of waste from these two containers.

If this capacity is exceeded, you will be penalized with a €20 deposit deduction for each unsorted 140-liter container.

Please separate waste according to type :

  • paper/cardboard packaging in a box or in the plastic crate provided
  • glasses and jars in a box or in the plastic crate provided
  • all plastic packaging, metal packaging (cans) and beverage cartons (tetrabrik) emptied and flattened in the blue PMC bag
  • organic waste (unwrapped food scraps, vegetables, fruit, coffee grounds) in the green container
  • residual waste (not listed above) pre-packaged in a garbage bag in the grey bin

If you have any further questions on how to identify the waste to be sorted, please read this webpage Waste sorting

The Fostplus page provides a number of downloadable PDF documents that can help you to clearly identify waste.