Using the Eaglenest jacuzzi

Relaxing both body and mind

The 10 rules for using the Eaglenest jacuzzi

These are common sense rules that will allow the following users to enjoy themselves as much as you do in a clean and pleasant space: respect for the premises, hygiene and safety.

The user manual is available here. Please don't modify the programmable parameters except the economy or sleep mode, which you can activate if you are not using the jacuzzi.

1- The jacuzzi may be used from 10am to 11pm only if the ground floor or the entire villa has been booked. If only the first floor is rented, private access is authorised only if the rest of the villa is unoccupied and with the explicit agreement of the owner.

2- Access to and use of this relaxation area is strictly reserved for tenants of the villa. Any departure from this rule is subject to the owner's agreement. Access is forbidden to children under the age of 12, and to children under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by an adult.

3- The jacuzzi is designed for relaxation. We ask you to respect the discretion and calm required, especially when it comes to entering or exiting the jacuzzi, using only the special staircase which has been placed in a stable position. The jacuzzi is not a swimming pool, so no jumping or splashing is allowed.

4- It is of course forbidden to eat, drink, relieve oneself and smoke in the jacuzzi. Cigarettes, chewing gum, food and drinks are not permitted.

5- It is forbidden to wear slippers in the jacuzzi. To get to the stairs, you must use "crocs" or beach slippers and avoid walking barefoot on the grass.

6- The jacuzzi is designed for 1 to 6 people and you use it at your own risk. The adjustment handles are fragile and must be handled without force. Any damage to the equipment or use of soap in the jacuzzi will be the responsibility of the user.

7- Hygiene rules to be observed :

♦ Shower beforehand with soapy water, long hair tied back.

Decent LYCRA clothing is required above the knee and a correct attitude is essential.

♦ Other clothing is forbidden (t-shirts, boxer shorts, Bermuda shorts and any other garment that looks like shorts).

♦ Sun creams and oils are strictly forbidden in the jacuzzi.

8- It's not advisable to bathe with any valuables. "Eaglenest" declines all responsibility in the event of physical or material damage or alteration (jewellery, smartphone, camera...).

9- Beware of drowning: heat reinforces the effects of medicines and alcohol and can make you faint. Get out immediately if you feel tired or drowsy. Depending on the individual, jacuzzi use can have health consequences. We urge users to exercise caution and to seek advice from their doctor. During pregnancy, jacuzzi use may be harmful to the foetus. If you have any health concerns (cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, etc.), seek advice before using the jacuzzi. In the event of skin lesions, avoid using the jacuzzi. "Eaglenest reserves the right to close the jacuzzi in the event of force majeure (poor bacteriological quality of the water, closure for maintenance, failure to comply with health and safety instructions).

10- "Eaglenest" reserves the right to exclude and forbid entry to the jacuzzi to any person whose behaviour contravenes the rules set out above. In the event of an obvious deterioration in the quality of the water or material damage (broken handle, traces of cigarettes, undesirable organic substances in the water), the estimated cost of the repairs will be deducted from the rental deposit, and the customer will be entitled to claim the bill for the repairs if they have to be carried out by a professional.